Cost of Water closet (WC) in Nigeria today

Price Of Water Closet In Nigeria

The price of the water closet varies, depending on the brands and types. The greatest type of toilet system in Nigeria is the water closet.

In this article, we will be focusing on the types and prices of water closet and toilet seat In Nigeria.

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Water Closet Types and Prices

  • Wall-Mounted Water Closet
  • Electronic Water Closet (EWC)
  • A One-Piece Water Closet
  • Two-Piece Water Closet
  • Floor Standing Water Closet

#1. Wall-Mounted Water Closet

The tank is put inside the wall, and the toilet is fixed to the wall as part of this sort of toilet system.

Less room is needed for this style of toilet.

They save roughly 10 inches of space by mounting the tank into the wall, making these toilets excellent space savers.

The water closet has a modern appearance as a result of the tank’s concealed installation inside the wall.

Due to their small footprint from the ground, wall-hung toilets also provide access to greater hygiene.

  • Price of Wall-Mounted WC: #90,000-#700,000

#2. Electronic Water Closet (EWC)

The toilet has been impacted by technology. Technology-enhanced toilets are referred to as “Smart Toilets.”

The flushing mechanism on these toilets is activated by sensors.

These sensors determine how far away from the toilet your body is before flushing the waste. Another technology is available to activate the flushing mechanism; all you need to do is wave your palm in front of the toilet.

AGL Smart toilets are eco-friendly and give your bathroom a futuristic appearance.

  • Price of Electronic Water Closet: #400,000-#550,000

#3. A One-Piece Water Closet

A one-piece water closet has a tank or cistern that is directly connected to the bowl, making it one unit, whereas a two-piece toilet has a tank and a pot that are two separate units that are joined.

This is the main distinction between the two types of toilets.

Due to the lack of openings and gaps between the toilet tank and the pot, this type of toilet is simpler to clean.

Because there is nowhere for dirt and grime to collect, using it is exceedingly hygienic.

  • Price of One piece Water Closet: #43,000-#180,000

#4. Two-Piece Water Closet

A two-piece toilet is a toilet in which the tank and the pot are two separate but connected parts.

Although the tank and pot appear to be one item because of the placement behind the pot, they are actually independent objects.

For consumers who prefer the combined units, many manufacturers also provide one-piece toilets.

AGL provides you with elegant two-piece toilet and water closet designs that will go well with the style of your bathroom and enhance the room’s decor as a whole.

  • Price of Two-Piece Water Closet: #35,000-#130,000

#5. Floor Standing Water Closet

A toilet’s tank and bowl are on the floor, creating a floor standing water closet.

These are frequently employed in business structures because they provide more space for storage underneath than wall-mounted units do.

Wall-mounted fixtures feature bigger tanks that usually don’t need to be emptied or filled as frequently, but they also cost more overall.

  • Price of Floor Standing Water Closet: #50,000

Price of Twyford Water Closet In Nigeria

The high quality of this toilet seat makes it one of the most sought-after models in Nigeria.

In particular, toilets, bathroom accessories, and other plumbing supplies are produced by Twyford, a leading brand in the home construction industry.

The best Water Closet seats in Nigeria are those at the Twyford Water Closet.

  • Twyford Water Closet Seat Price: #45,000-#80,000

Aquaflex Water Closet Price In Nigeria

The toilet seat is designed specifically for affluent and fashionable individuals seeking maximum comfort.

  • Aquaflex Water Closet Price: #120,000-#160,000

Choice Water Closet Price In Nigeria

  • Choice Water Closet Price: #65,000-#150,000

Prices of Water Closet In Abuja

  • Water Closet Price: #65,000-#550,000

Price of Toilet Seat In Nigeria

  • Virony Water Closet Seat Price: #60,000-#80,000
  • A$S Water Closet Seat Price: #48,000-#65,000
  • Twyford Water Closet Seat Price: #45,000-#80,000
  • Nismad Water Closet Seat Price: #52,000-#75,000
  • Sweet home Water Closet Seat Price: #45,000-#78,000

Virony Water Closet Price In Nigeria

One of the nicest toilet seats available is from Virony’s Water Closet line.

The toilet seats made by Virony are incredibly simple to clean and don’t retain dirt or stains. They endure a long time as well.

  • Virony Water Closet Seat Price: #60,000-#80,000

Sweet Home Water Closet Price In Nigeria

One of the best toilet seats to purchase in Nigeria is the Sweethome water closet toilet seat.

It is made by reputable manufacturers of toilet and bathroom accessories.

Their restrooms are quite functional and well built to last the test of time.

Because it is often quite smooth, waste is flushed without any interruptions.

  • Sweethome Water Closet Seat Price: #45,000-#78,000

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What distinguishes a toilet from a Water Closet?: Nowadays, a water closet is a room with just a toilet, while some businesses, like Richmond American Homes, would classify water closets as a half bath or a powder room, which is a room with a toilet and a sink.
  • Which Water Closet has the edge?: Wall Mount Water Closet

A wall-hung Water Closet will give your bathroom a luxurious, contemporary appearance.

Its floating look from the toilet is what gives it its attractiveness.

A wall-mounted toilet is made up of of four components: a wall tank, a flush actuator (which manages flow), a toilet bowl, and a seat.

  • What water closet size is considered being standard?: 28 to 30 inches deep, 20 inches broad, 27 to 32 inches high, and with a rough-in of 10 to 12 inches are typical toilet dimensions.


This article will help individuals who are about to install toilets or replace toilets, by providing them with the best price for various toilets,

The water closet toilet system is particularly common in urban areas.

The toilet seat is the most expensive component of a modern toilet system.

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