price and pictures of ijebu garri packages in the usa and uk

Price Of Ijebu Garri In USA, UK, Other Countries

The price of Ijebu Garri in the US, UK and other foreign countries is on the rise due to high cost of shipping from Nigeria. Cassava flakes, or garri, are popular throughout Africa, particularly in west Africa.

They can be eaten as a snack, that is, taken with cold water, sugar, and groundnuts or as an ingredient in a variety of traditional African dishes (poured into boiling water or hot water to make eba).

Garri, a staple in many African dishes like Eba, Kokoro, and Gari Foto, is made from ground, sieved, and fried cassava tubers.

It is ready to eat right out of the package.

Are you relocating to some countries outside Nigeria and you are worried about your favorite side meal (Garri)?

This article got you covered.

Ensure you read till the end as we will unveil the prices of Garri in countries like USA, UK and other countries.

Let’s dive in.

Price Of Garri in USA

When shipping Garri to USA, it must be vacuum-sealed and packaged properly.

Because there are many ways to prepare cassava in Nigeria, we already know that it is a staple food. Both domestic and international markets in USA have a market for this export good.

Garri brandsPrices In USA
Afro food Ijebu Garri$6.99
Yellow Garri$11.99
Nigeria Taste Ijebu Garri 1.5kg£83,00


Price Of Garri in UK

Both countries stand to gain from increased food exports from Nigeria to the UK. While the UK searches for fresh, dependable, and affordable supplies of agricultural products to fulfill rising demand, agriculture in Nigeria, which has been long submissive to oil, is being revived. As a result, the two nations ought to be able to cooperate in mutually advantageous ways with regard to the export of agricultural products from Nigeria.


Types of Garri in UKPrices In UK
Niyis Ijebu Garri£4.79
Afrobuy Ijebu Garri (White)£2.99
Afrobuy Ijebu Garri (Yellow)£3.49
Ades Ijebu Garri 4kg£7.99
Ades Ijebu Garri 1.5kg£3.99
Tropical Sun Garri Ijebu 500g£7.99
Tropical Sun Garri Ijebu 1.5kg£12.99
Tropical Sun Garri Ijebu 5kg£17.99
John & Biola Grade A Garri 20kg£26.95


Requirements For The Export Of Garri And Other Food Stuffs To The UK


#1. Commercial Invoice

When the foreign sale is complete and the products are prepared to ship out, a commercial invoice is the document used to summarize the full export transaction from beginning to end, including the shipping arrangements.

It is one of the most significant documents since it gives all parties involved crucial information and directions.

#2. Address And Phone Numbers For The Sender And Recipient

To guarantee that your product reaches on time and in good condition, include precise sender and recipient contact information (including zip code).

 Price Of Ijebu Garri in Amazon


Ijebu Garri

Prices in Amazon

Kiki Foods All Natural White Ijebu Garri 5lbs$21.49
Shepherd’s Natural Garri$23.69 ($0.30/ounce)
Nigeria Taste Ijebu Garri 1.5kg$14.10 (4.70/Pound)



Ijebu Garri Packaging and Pictures


#1. WahalaFree White Ijebu Garri 2kg Pack of 20

white cassava garri in usa and uk
white cassava garri in usa and uk

Garri is a granular flour made from cassava roots that ranges in texture from fine to coarse. WahalaFree white (ijebu) garri is made entirely from cassava tubers. Because cassava is low in fat and high in fiber, it is a healthy food choice.

  • Price of WahalaFree Ijebu Garri: £2.40

#2. MyFarm base Africa Garri

It is packaged in 2kg, 5kg and 25kg.

It is essential that edibles are presented professionally and sold in specialty stores, especially when health concerns increase on a daily basis.

  • Price of 2kg: £1.6
  • Price of 5kg: £3.68
  • Price of 25kg: £12.8

#3. Garri Ijebu (500g)

cassava flakes garri ijebu in usa and uk
cassava flakes garri ijebu in usa and uk

Premiumly crafted and elegantly wrapped in a resealable stand up pouch in accordance with international standards Unadulterated, clean, and having the original flavor. Has complete nutritional information.

You can also read about the Latest Price of Bag of Garri in Lagos, Benue, Nigeria

#4. Niyis Garri 2kg

Traditional white Garri, yellow Garri, and Ijebu Garri are the three varieties of Garri produced by Niyis.

The grain of white garri is coarse.

The yellow color of Yellow Garri is the result of frying the coarse grain with palm oil.

Comparing Ijebu Garri to White and Yellow Garri, Ijebu Garri has a finer grain and a sourer flavor.

  • Price of Niyis Garri: £4.79


#5. Ijebu Garri 1.5kg

nigerian taste ijebu garri in the us and uk
nigerian taste ijebu garri in the us and uk

Cassava tubers are used to make garri. It is excellent for soaking and savoring with some groundnuts because of the pleasantly sour flavor.


#6. Yellow Garri (5lbs)

yellow garri in the usa and uk
yellow garri in the usa and uk

The yellow color of Yellow Gari is the result of frying it in palm oil with coarse grains. The best format is Eba.


Frequently Asked Questions on Prices of Garri

  • Is Garri exported from Nigeria?: Garri prices in Nigeria have abruptly skyrocketed from N700 to N4000 per 50kg bag since the country’s return to democracy. This is because Nigeria exports large quantities of garri to countries in West Africa like Ghana, the Benin Republic, Togo, and others.
  • Is Garri produced in China?: Traditionally, peeling and grating the cassava is a necessary step in the gari processing process, but this Chinese company has created its own peeler and grater.
  • Which country consumes garri?: One of Sierra Leone’s basic meals, garri, is second only to rice in terms of popularity. The dish is prepared with the West African native cassava plant. Evelyne Musambi of the BBC says, “Even in the diaspora, people in Haiti, Brazil, Cuba, and many other nations also eat garri.
  • What are the raw materials used in the processing of garri?: Tubers Of Cassava. Small-scale, community-based technology is used in the garri-making process. Sacks (often made of cotton) are the essential tools and supplies required, along with heavy stones, a shallow iron pan, firewood, a cooking hearth, a sieve, a grater, a stirrer, and cassava tubers.
  • What is the garri language?: Hausa Language. Garri can also refer to the flour made from guinea corn, maize, rice, yam, plantain, and millet in Hausa. Garin dawa, for instance, is made from guinea corn, whereas garin masara, garin alkama, and garin magani are all made from maize and wheat, respectively.


Due to the increasing number of Nigerians residing in the USA and other European countries, there is a growing demand for Nigerian culinary products in these countries.

In this article, we have successfully taken you through the prices of garri in different countries.


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