price of goat and cow beef in nigeria

Price of Goat and Cow Meat (Beef) Per Kg in Nigeria

Often at times, we want to make our budget before going to the market to get your beef, but you seem so confused at times that you don’t even know the exact price. The various prices of goat and cow meat known as beef is rising everyday due to high cost of feeding the animals.

We will be revealing the updated price of beef in Nigeria, so let’s get going!

Beef Consumption in Nigeria

Nigerians prefer beef more than any other type of meat. Since it is a red meat, choosing lean cuts of beef with the least amount of fat is the best option, even though it can be a source of vitamins and nutrients. It’s not uncommon to observe someone eating a meal and waiting for the main course to be finished before biting into a sizable piece of steak.

As minced meat or ground beef, which are sold separately and utilized in a variety of dishes, beef can also be purchased. You’ll be in the proper place if you enjoy cow flesh. Beef is the meat that comes from cows and is very tasty. It is adaptable and can be cooked in several ways, including boiled, fried, and grilled.

Why Should You Consume Beef?

Beef should be part of what you consume. You should know that beef is a food source that contains iron, include beef. Since hemoglobin is a protein that helps your blood deliver oxygen from your lungs to the rest of your body, the iron in beef aids in the production of this protein by your body.

Iron deficiency anemia, which means your body isn’t getting enough oxygen, can occur if you don’t get enough iron in your diet. You may feel worn out, drowsy, frail, and confused.

Beef consumption can help those who are at risk avoid iron deficiency anemia.

The body requires zinc to repair damaged tissue and maintain a strong immune system, and beef is a good source of this mineral. Zinc must be consumed in enough levels by children and teenagers as well if they are to grow and develop normally.

Cuts Of Beef

The cut of beef refers to the part of the cow livestock that the beef can be gotten from. The cuts of beefs are:

  • Chuck: Chuck is from the shoulder of the cow. Although it’s a very tasty region that can be chopped and prepared in a variety of ways, it’s usually a tougher cut of beef. Chuck is probably what you know best because of its adaptability and low price. It works well for all kinds of cookery.
  • Rib: The rib primal cut, as its name suggests, is meat taken from the ribs and backbone of the cow. Only the last six of a cow’s 13 pairs of ribs are categorized in this section; the remainder are grouped with the chuck and short plate. The tenderness, taste, and fatty marbling of rib cuts make them special. A little more expensive than the majority of cuts, ribs are frequently better slow-cooked than grilled.
  • Loin: These are the beef cuts that are the most expensive. Because of its placement just beneath the ribs, the loin is not a muscle that is frequently used. In contrast to cuts with more muscle, loin is quite sensitive. Two components of the loin primal cut deserve special attention: short loin and sirloin.
  • Round: The lean, cheap cut is the circular primordial region. It’s usually a rough cut of beef because it’s close to the cow’s hind legs. Due to this cut’s leanness, it’s crucial to thoroughly investigate how to prepare and cook each chunk cut from this primal region; in some cases, high heat cooking is required.
  • Brisket: Brisket is a cow’s breast cut that is a barbecue fan favorite. Although brisket is typically presented with a fatty, harsh texture, it may be made to have a melt-in-your-mouth consistency by cooking it low and slow. There is just a thin line between juicy and dry when slow cooking brisket, so be careful! The best technique to soften this cut is to marinade and tenderize it first, then slowly cook it.

Price Of Beef Per Kg in Nigeria

The table below shows the price of beef per kg in Nigeria. Take a look at the price per Kg:


Price in Naira


Price Of Beef Per Kg In Abuja

The price of beef per kg in Abuja is a bit cheaper from the one in some parts of Nigeria, like Lagos, Ogun, Ibadan, etc. This is because Ahuja is closer to the North therefore getting beef there will be a bit cheaper.

The price of beef per kg in Nigeria is stated below:

Beef per kg

Price in Naira


 Things That Affect The Price Of Beef In Nigeria

The price of beef is influenced by a wide range of variables, such as market fluctuations, input costs, weather, and the cost of alternative items.

A short-term shift in quantity might result from a change in market price; as prices rise, a farmer might decide to move to bring more animals to market to take advantage of competitive pricing.

The supply of beef can be impacted by a change in input costs, particularly for animal feed. In order to lessen the effects of increasing grain prices, producers may shorten the period that animals are fed when faced with higher prices for maize and soybeans.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How is the cost of beef determined? Feeder cattle prices are based on weight, with lighter cattle often selling for more money per pound (or hundredweight) than bigger cattle. Prices fluctuate not only according to the weight of the cow but also the extent of the price adjustment.
  • How many people can one kilogram of beef sustain? There is no definitive answer to this question because each type of meat is unique, but on average, 1 kilogram of meat serves about 4 people, depending on the proportion of adults to children. This is merely a recommendation, therefore we urge you to estimate more than you think you’ll need rather than less because you might not have enough.


Beef is one of the most commonly consumed livestock product in Nigeria. We have discussed what you should know about beef consumption and the current price in Nigeria. Get yourself a beef today and enjoy!


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