Price of different sizes and best mattress in Nigeria

Cost of Latest Mattress and Sizes in Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the principal mattress markets in Africa. The growing national demand for mattresses is a key factor in this. Many mattresses factories have consequently sprung up all over the world, saturating the market with fresh models. The prices of different mattress sizes e.g 4.5 by 6 inches, 6 by 6, 5 by 6 16 inches etc depends on the brand and quality. Different mattress brands have different qualities and different prices. The best mattresses in Nigeria have at least 4 years warranty.

The height, width, depth, and substance of mattresses can all vary. Their cost, level of softness, and general quality vary greatly.

The market is no longer dominated by a small number of mattress producers. With so many various brands and types of products accessible today, it’s simple to feel overpowered by the choices.

Mattress Sizes and Price

Let’s take a look at different brands of bed and their prices in Nigeria. You should also note that the prices vary and it is based on the inches of the bed.

#1. Mouka Foam and Sizes

The Nigerian mattress industry is dominated by Mouka foam. For consistently producing mattresses of the highest caliber, they are well known.

They’re not only a well-known mattress brand, but they’re also accessible in most regions of the nation! Their success and good standing have helped the brand become the norm. Not only are they not the cheapest, but neither are they the most costly either.

Although their products brag of enormous quality and durability, they are just moderately accessible.

Features that set Mouka Foam apart

  • All Mouka Foam are of a high caliber; if you don’t want to have to replace your foam every five years, Mouka Foam is your best option because they are the best on the market.
  • All Mouka Foam comes in a variety of colors, shapes, and sizes since they recognize that no two fingers are the same, therefore they made foams in various shapes, sizes, and colors to suit the demands and preferences of its consumers. They are aware that customers may also require a certain kind of mattress for their individual needs.
Mouka Mattress SizesPrice in Naira (₦)
6 by 6205,000
4.5 by 690,000
4 by 648,000
5 by 650,000


#2. Vita Foam Sizes And Prices

Today, Vita foam is a well-known brand among families, students, and just about everyone in Nigeria. The majority of people won’t be content if it is not Vita foam.

We used to believe that the company’s extensive advertising and marketing campaigns were the reason for its success, but that is untrue because Nigerians would have abandoned the product if it were of poor quality and switched to another.

In terms of Nigeria’s mattress market, VitalFoam now holds one of the greatest market shares. Please be aware that VitalFoam mattresses come in a variety of sizes, with the larger sizes costing more money.

As a result, we’ll list the prices and sizes side by side to help clear up any confusion.

Vita foam mattresses come in a variety of sizes, designs, and styles while still being of the highest caliber. For a variety of uses, they produce several sorts of mattresses. They provide some of Nigeria’s top-rated orthopedic mattresses, and their beds are suggested for those who experience chronic back or joint problems. Additionally, they produce mattresses that are safe for kids.

Vita Foam SizesPrices (₦)
6 by 6185,000
4.5 by 683,000
4 by 640,000
4 by 855,000

#3. Unifoam Mattresses And Sizes

Unifoam Group, a 38-year-old mattress manufacturing firm with offices in Nigeria, makes Unifoam mattresses.

Numerous people choose the Unifoam brand of mattresses across the nation, with notable footholds in the North.

The business used its years of mattress design and manufacturing knowledge to create well-designed unifoam mattresses that are available in various sizes and thicknesses.

We have included a relatively succinct list of various unifoam mattresses costs for your reading pleasure, whether you are already a lover of Unifoam mattresses or you want to get a glimpse of the rates in comparison to others.

SizePrices (₦)
4 inches unifoam mattress16,000 to 18,000
4 inches orthopedic mattress25,000
5 inches Unifoam mattress20,000 to 22,000

#4. Polly Foam Mattress

Every Polly foam mattress is manufactured with premium materials and provides consumers with satisfaction.

To create mattresses with different densities, the business employs cutting-edge foaming equipment. This brand focuses on providing orthopedic mattresses for older persons. You may purchase this foam in stores in Enugu, Imo, Benue, Abia, FCT, and Port Hudson.

#5. WinCo Foam

Organic cotton of the greatest quality is used to make WinCo Foam mattresses. For varied demands, WinCo Foam offers a wide range of mattresses.

There is, for instance, a Winco foam specifically made for usage in hospitals, as well as those made for students.

WinCo Foam SizesPrices (₦)
6 by 670,000
6 by 440,000
4.5 by 665,000

Sara Foam Prices and Sizes

Sara Foam is one of the best mattresses in Nigeria today. It’s very flexible and guarantees 100% comfort. It doesn’t easy decrease in size and has upto 4 years warranty.

Sara Foam SizePrice (₦)
6 by 6140,000
6 by 490,000
4.5 by 670,000


Frequently Asked Questions

  • What influences the cost of a mattress? The ones that matter the most are: Material & Construction: The materials utilized and the level of skill and craftsmanship put into constructing the mattress are likely the two factors that have the most impact on how much a new bed will cost. In general, hybrid beds cost more than all-foam models, since they have both innerspring coils and foam.
  • What causes mattress prices to vary? The components used in mattresses, return policies, guarantees, and other factors can all affect the pricing of a mattress. Sales, as well as the late winter or early spring, are the greatest times to shop.
  • Why do mattresses gradually get harder with use? During the “break-in” period, a new mattress is frequently stiffer than it will eventually become, sometimes significantly firmer. The foam layers are responsible for this stiffness. Your body’s pressure on the mattress as you continue to sleep on it will cause the foam to relax and gradually conform to your shape.
  • What is the recommended lifespan of a mattress? Generally speaking, mattresses should last 7 to 10 years. But a lot of other factors might affect how long a mattress lasts. A bed’s longevity can be affected by the mattress’s initial construction quality, the materials used, even the weight and sleeping habits of the users.


Without a doubt, mattresses are designed to enhance comfort. The global market is saturated with its own set of pricing and sizes of various mattresses, which have been thoroughly explored in this article, which helps to explain why individuals fall asleep after a long day of exercise.

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