vitafoam pricelist in nigeria

Pricelist of Vita Foam Mattress in Nigeria

One of the earliest manufacturers in Nigeria to enter the mattress business was Vita foam. The mattress business still sees them as a major force. The price is dependent on the size, thickness and brand e.g orthopedic, students mattress, corona etc.

One of the key things that has set them apart in the industry is their constant drive to please their consumers by producing top-notch mattresses that will improve good sleep.

Let us now take a look at the price of Vita foam mattress in Nigeria

Vita Foam Mattress Sizes And Prices

One of the biggest manufacturers of foam in Nigeria and a well-known company is Vitafoam Nigeria Plc. In Nigeria, Vitafoam Nigeria Plc is renowned for creating a huge selection of high-quality mattresses that are also long-lasting.

They provide a huge selection, including Vitafoam Corona, Vitafoam Grand, orthopedic mattresses, and many more.

Vita foam mattress size

Price in Naira

Vita foam semi orthopedic mattress92,000
Vita foam galaxy orthopedic mattress100,000
Vita foam spring flex mattress104,000
Brand new vita foam mattress79,000
Vita foam twill mattress154,000
Vita foam Haven mattress90,000
Vita foam supreme mattress106,000
Vita foam spring mattress170,900
Vita foam orthopedic and semi orthopaedic mattress125,000
New vita foam 6 by 6 by 12 grand mattress115,000
6 by 4.5 by 14 inches Vita foam96,000
6 by 4.5 by 20 inches brand new vita foam mattress102,000
6 by 7 by 10 semi orthopedic mattress150,000
6 by 6 Vita foam spring mattress110,000
6 by 3.5 by 6 vita foam38,000
Vita foam galaxy classic mattress103,000
Good quality brand new vita foam89,000
Vita foam shine mattress125,000
Vita foam sizzler mattress176,000
6 by 6 8 Inches Vita foam mattress75,000
6 by 4.5 by 10 Vita foam mattress48,000

 Vita Foam 6 By 6 Price

Considering a 6 by 6 vita foam mattress, let’s now take a look at the price of the different inches

Vita Foam

Price in Naira

6 by 6 by 20 vita foam grand mattress185,000
6 by 6 by 12 Vita foam corona mattress115,000
6 by 6 family size Vita foam mattress145,000
6 by 6 by 8 vita foam mattress90,000
Used 6 by 6 by 12 Vita foam mattress80,000
6 by 6 vita foam bed mattress150,000

 Vitafoam 6 By 6 12 inch

Vita foam 6 by 12

Price in Naira

6 by 6 by 12 inches Vita foam80,000

Vita foam 16 inches price

Vita foam mattress

Price in Naira

6 by 6 by 16 inches naked Vita foam mattress75,000

18 Inches Vita Foam Price

Mattress size

Price in Naira

6 by 4.5 by 18 inches Vita foam mattress101,000
4 by 6 by 18 inches Vita foam mattress110,990

Vitafoam Catalogue

A Vita foam catalogue is an item list or record of Vita foam products. It can also be written as a catalog, which is frequently spelt in the United States. It frequently refers to a list of offerings, like Vita foams for sale.

You can check out the prices updated on this article in other to see the different lists of Vita foam mattress currently available for sale in Nigeria.

Vitafoam Corona Mattress

Medium-density Vita Corona mattress has appealing non-quilted and tape trimmed fabrics on top of it. The corona mattress also gives your spine a comfortable fit.


  • an appropriate size for your frame and budget
  • ideal for usage in residences and guest houses with a maximum weight limit of 70 kg

Let us take a look at the Vita foam corona mattress price in Nigeria

Vita corona mattress

Price in Naira

Vita corona mattress 6 by 6 by 8 inches125,700
6 by 4 by 8 Vita foam corona mattress75, 176

Vita Foam Student Mattress Price

Mattress type

Price in Naira

Vita foam student mattress bunk bed17,000

 Vitafoam Grand Mattress

A medium-density mattress with a tape trimmed with lovely quilted damask fabric to increase the stiffness of the border, Vita Grand is covered in attractive damask fabric.


  • an appropriate size for your frame and budget
  • Ideal for usage in residences and guest houses with a maximum weight limit of 70 kg

Take a look at the grand mattress prices updated below:

Vita grand mattress44,000 NGN to 146,000
Vita foam grand mattress 6 by 4.5 by 10 inches91,600NGN
6 by 6 by 10 Vita foam grand mattress142,970

 Vita Foam Supreme Mattress Price

This mattress is made of flexible high-density foam and is of the highest quality. It’s good for the majority of weight ranges and is quite difficult. It is great for any use, regardless of the weather, because of its high thermal insulation and environmental friendliness.

The prices of the Vita foam supreme mattress are as follows:

Vita foam mattress

Price in Naira

Vita foam supreme mattress58,345
Vita foam supreme120,000
Vita foam 6 by 6 by 8 supreme high mattress75,000

Vita Foam Prices In Abuja


Price in Naira

Original Vita foam orthopedic mattress125,000
Brand new 4 by 6 Vita foam mattress40,000
4 by 6 Vita foam mattress and pillow40,000
6 by 6 bed and semi orthopedic Vita foam160,000

 Frequently Asked Questions

  • How can I tell whether my Vitafoam is original? It’s pretty easy to understand! Enter any of the Vitafoam-branded stores, and after making a purchase, confirm that your mattress is authentic by scratching and texting the special PIN* (found on the label, between the Vitafoam emblem and the mattress name) to “38353.”
  • What does a semi-Orthopedic mean? When compared to a regular mattress, a semi-orthopedic mattress is made to offer a higher amount of support for the entire muscular skeletal system, particularly the back and joints. As a result, the semi-orthopedic range can provide better support without compromising on the mattress’ major plushness.
  • What material do orthopedic mattresses contain? Orthopedic mattresses provide back, joint, and hip relief. They have a supple top surface and a firmer support due to layers of springs and foam (or pure memory foam) in their construction.


If you want to enjoy a fantastic night’s sleep and wake up pain-free, the Vita foam special mattress is the best option. Their mattresses give you the impression that you are sleeping on clouds.

The mattresses are expertly made and meticulously tested by trained professionals who follow strict quality requirements.

Get a Vita foam today!

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