price of rolling and sliding security house gate with pictures

Price of Rolling & Sliding Iron House Gate in Nigeria

We all know that gates are important in every home, as their primary purpose is to help keep trespassers out of your house.

The gate you must use has to be strong and challenging for intruders not to get in comfortably. It should also maintain its durability with frequent use.

In this article, we will be emphasizing more on the cost of rolling and sliding iron house gates in Nigeria in 2023 and their different designs, so keep reading if you are really interested in knowing more about it.

Types of House Gate in Nigeria

Let’s take a look at the types of gate in Nigeria:

#1. Steel Gate

Steel gates are attractive to look at and provide protection due to their high level of solidity. The steel gate in Nigeria typically resembles the design of the gate in Kenya. This gate optimizes security, is attractive, and protects your home. Steel gates have a distinctive appearance due to their stainless steel construction and metallic basket-weave pattern.

#2. Tall Gate

For tall homes or mansions, a tall gate style is typically used. It creates an opulent atmosphere in the home. Typically, parks, public spaces, and churches employ this style of gate. This gate is made to wow everybody that approaches your property.

#3. Automatic Gate

This type of gate is common in most commercial buildings’ entry. The entry to commercial buildings has automatic gate design, so most professionals and the wealthy make use of this type of gate in their homes despite its high cost. You must speak to the robotic gate operator and occasionally reveal your face in order to gain entrance to this gate.

You can also put an automatic gate in your home or place of business, for instance, a sliding or a rolling gate.

#4. Giant gate

This style of gate is typically found in mansions, estates, parks, cathedrals, villas, gardens, and museums. Your home can be hidden from prying eyes and given a nice appearance by using a large gate design.

#5. Decorative Gate

Do you like to make festive appeals for your visitors? The beautiful gate design is for you in that case. The wall thickness utilized in the construction of this gate is a crucial component if the gate is to fulfill its security function. Aluminum or steel is used to create ornamental gate designs.

#6. Fenced Gate

Fenced gates are gates that typically coordinate stylistically with the surrounding architecture and environment. This is how the majority of Nigeria’s lovely fences are constructed. Nigeria’s wealthy cities are home too many of the country’s stunning home fence designs. Literally, this kind of gate design allows for vision.

The gate is quickly gaining popularity as a gate design in Nigeria. In Nigeria, almost all commercial centers have walled gates. With a fenced gate design, the expense of fencing a property in Nigeria and the constant change in price are not as much of a concern.

Typically, only secure regions with low or no crime rates are indicated for this type of gate design.

Manual Sliding Gate in Nigeria

The Manual Sliding Gate is exceptionally dependable and user-friendly. It is a preferred option for safeguarding business properties and is the perfect answer for sites with little room to open the gate. You can successfully regulate and watch over entrance to your private property by installing a Manual Sliding Gate.

A lasting and effective service will be provided for years to come thanks to the internal roller mechanism, which guarantees a smooth and consistent ease of operation.

The 6mm wall thickness, uniformly spaced individual aluminum bars set as standard, and the optional spikes that may be added to the top of the gate to prevent intruders all contribute to the gate’s robust appearance.

Cost Of Sliding Gates in Nigeria

Manual sliding gates

Price in Naira

Stainless sliding gate1,500,000
Versace sliding gates450,000
Automatic sliding gate300,000
Motorized sliding gate420,000
13ft Giant sliding gate700,000
Standard sliding gate550,000
Sliding gate with remote control security250,000
130kg Automatic electric sliding gate210,000

Cost Of Rolling Gates In Nigeria

Driveways are the most typical locations for rolling gates. The driveway entry is safe and simple with these gates. To the left and right of the driveway surface, the gates normally slide horizontally. In order to make entering the driveway convenient, they may be made to operate using remote controls similar to those used by garage door openers.

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For sidewalks or walkways, movable gates might be utilized. The automatic gate is scaled down, but it still offers a way to open a gate that resembles a sliding glass door. In most cases, the gate is supported by wheels and locked using a common hitch lock. Special springs are commonly found in sidewalk gates, causing them to close on their own once they have been opened.

Let’s take a look at the cost of rolling gates in Nigeria

Rolling gate

Price in Naira

Stainless rolling electric gate1,600,000
17ft by 8ft rolling gate1,200,000
Viewable rolling gate650,000
Super standard rolling gates for homes660,000
Laser design rolling gate700,000

Rolling And Sliding Gate Designs In Nigeria

  • Track Sliding Gates: These gates are designed for light industrial applications when a large entryway opening is present (in excess of 6 meters). Depending on the needs of the site, they can be automated and also customized with various infill options, either transparent or opaque. Swing gates are less secure than sliding gates.
  • Cantilever Gate: Also referred to as hanging gates or trackless gates, these gates are balanced on two hangers and operate using hidden mechanical bearings rather than wheels, negating the need for a track. Because trackless operation causes less friction, the gate draw force is reduced. Bearings are hidden in the gate frame, thus it requires minimal maintenance.
  • Crash Rated Gate: These are gates built to withstand the force of large cars colliding with them, protecting and preventing any losses on the property.
  • Metal Rolling Gate: metal rolling stainless steel is used for gates. Having a metallic basket-weave design that gives it a distinctive appearance, this gate is aesthetically pleasing to the eye. With no compromise to its elegance, a steel rolling gate can safeguard your house.
  • Sliding Iron Gate: This sliding iron is used to make gates. Unique and opulent, describe this gate. Both opening and closing of this gate are simple. Solid portions of the gate’s frame reveal the other intended region when it rolls in. Because of this, you have a choice between the two.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • In Nigeria, what size gate is considered standard? There are three different sizes of contemporary steel gates in Nigeria: 12, 10, and 8 feet. They are all between 4 and 5 feet tall, which remains their height.
  • Which gate is ideal for a home? Wood, glass, wrought iron, steel, or aluminum are all acceptable materials for residential gates. Despite the fact that metal gates are the strongest, all types, when designed properly, are strong enough to provide reliable home security. Durability and reliability are two important considerations.


The cost and designs of the rolling and sliding iron house gates have been discussed in this article.

You should know the different designs and cost of the rolling and sliding iron house gates now!

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